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PCOS: A Different Kind of Cysterhood

PCOS: A Different Kind of Cysterhood

When it comes to black women and our gynecological health, we are educated about fibroids, endometriosis, sexually transmitted infections, and female-related cancers.  But what about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?!  

1 in 10 women is affected by this hormonal disorder. It may be the reason for your irregular periods.  It might be the catalyst for your excessive facial hair.  It could be why you’re having such a hard time conceiving.  Perhaps it’s the source of your mood swings.  Maybe it’s the reason that you are more successful at gaining weight than you are at losing it.  No two cysters are alike.  Some women have multiple symptoms while others may only have a few.  

Diagnosing PCOS includes a pelvic exam (to check your reproductive organs for any masses or abnormalities), bloodwork (to check your hormone levels), and a pelvic ultrasound (to look for ovarian cysts). Once confirmed, you and your health care provider can work together to determine your management plan for living with PCOS.

So ask yourself: Am I one of them? Am I 1 in 10? If you don’t know, now is the perfect time to find out.

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Farah Green
Farah Green
Web Content Manager

As a body activist, speaker and exercise nutrition coach, Farah is on a mission to break the generational curse of chronic disease among women of color and help them embrace their bodies by helping them build more self-love and confidence. She has helped hundreds of women create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. As the web content manager for BGH, Farah will share various health and wellness tips that will help every woman improve their quality of life through health, wellness, and nutrition. Farah and the web content team is dedicated to educating women on how to best take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is to help you make your health more of a priority.

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