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From Philanthropy to Launching A Counseling Consulting Service, La’ Tesha Sampson is Setting the Bar For Women in Business

From Philanthropy to Launching A Counseling Consulting Service, La’ Tesha Sampson is Setting the Bar For Women in Business

Every Wednesday, we acknowledge another role model in our BGH community, for our partner spotlight article. Today we focus on La’Tesha Sampson, an inspiring black woman whose journey allowed her to venture into different career paths and allowed her to wear multiple hats. La’tesha is a philanthropist, businesswoman, educator, author, counselor, and outreach specialist for multiple organizations that improve the quality of life for others. She brings awareness to global issues such as human trafficking, domestic violence, and racial disparities in the healthcare field, not only in the country she resides in but globally. As a philanthropist, she worked with a host of nations through the Rz the Flags, an outreach organization where she provided partnership, sponsorship, and leadership in numerous nonprofit initiatives globally. La’Tesha works with programs in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Ghana, Mexico, and Egypt. Sampson’s involvement in global outreach programs has shed light on global issues such as HIV/AIDS. Throughout her career, she has gained many notable titles such as Chief Executive Officer at Erase the Divide, which is a New Jersey-based nonprofit, aimed at eradicating the digital divide in communities of color. Sampson’s profound love for philanthropy led her to the idea of sponsoring three New Jersey high school students with college or trade school scholarships every year. Other involvement in the community includes a board member position with the Women of New Jersey Performing Arts Center, where her impact and appreciation for the community exudes through the talent of other women.

La’ Tesha is considerably not only an influential philanthropist but a businesswoman. As a businesswoman, she was able to spread her wings and develop her business, Great Joy Counseling and Consulting Services. Sampson and other licensed professionals provide innovative, therapeutic psychotherapy & life coaching services to individuals, couples, families, and groups every year. Sampson is known as a driven and educated businesswoman trying to make an impact on women of color lives by creating nonprofits that establish financial literacy programs to help educate women in our community. In this role, La’ Tesha is the Director of Business Development position at Women Operating in Opulence.

Here’s what her clients say about her, “La’Tesha Sampson is the perfect balance between caring and professional. For many years I suffered from anxiety, mild depression, and church hurt. From the moment I walked into her office, I felt comfortable, cared for, and safe to finally talk about what I was experiencing without shame. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, passionate, and determined to give an accurate diagnosis (she did for me), trustworthy, and makes herself available at all times. I am so blessed to have found her.” ~ Anonymous, Newark, NJ

Her love for education and working with the student body led her to a joyous career as a professor. She served in the Master of Social Work departments at the University of New England and Rutgers University. Currently, she works as a professor at both the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and the Kean University Department of Social Work. If you want to learn more about women like La’Tesha Sampson and her positive efforts in the community, then join Black Girl Health. An organization that can provide you with the resources and tools you need to improve your knowledge about your health and the disparities that exist in our community.

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