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From Fighting Emotional Trauma to Healing and Becoming A Relationship Expert – Meet Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW

From Fighting Emotional Trauma to Healing and Becoming A Relationship Expert – Meet Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Montrella Cowan, MSW, LICSW who is the founding CEO of Affinity Health Affairs and International bestselling author is a personal trauma and relationship expert. She has spent her career helping men and women heal from personal trauma as a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and Life Coach. Montrella decided to start her business because of the dire need in our society for Black, culturally-competent mental health professionals who are psychotherapists. Right now more approximately 87% of psychotherapists are Caucasian – leaving all other practitioners of color to make up only 13%. There are also fewer Black therapists.

At Affinity Health Affairs, in her practice, she offers a holistic and practical approach, where she gives her clients tips and tools that can implement in their everyday lives outside of her office. She uses the foundation of overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying values, and rediscovering joy in life and love.  Aside from her private practice located in Washington, D.C., she spreads her passion or wholeness through a variety of speaking engagements and training around the world.

“There aren’t enough words to describe just how beneficial my experience has been since making the decision to begin therapy. This experience wouldn’t be a quarter of what it is if it weren’t for my hair client informing me about Montrella Cowan. I was intent on receiving therapy from a woman of color, and Montrella has totally surpassed my expectations. She is professional, timely, and kind. I explored therapy with another service and never experienced anything close to what Montrella offers. Montrella also has a beautiful way of lovingly motivating you to “do the work.” It’s key in order to become the better version of you. A broken heart unearthed a lot of suppressed feelings and anxieties, which ultimately led me to seek therapy. With Montrella’s help and guidance, I’ve been able to recenter and become more intentional. As a result, all of my relationships are benefiting–especially the relationship I have with myself. Book her today,” said Aminata S.

Montrella recently published a new book entitled, The Purse: An Essential Guide to Healthy Relationships. In this book, she provides clients practical tools that they can use in real life to heal the relationships around you. As a community of BGH, you can use promo code: BGH2020 to receive a $5.00 discount at checkout. She also offers a communications class that has led couples to never argue again and provides wellness workshops. Aside from her work, she is a mother of two and in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, dancing, cooking, & traveling.

I will expand my business to include more therapists who I have personally trained. I expect to have offices in five different states in the near future. She will also have trademarked training and professional development, specifically to help other therapists and counselors to prevent burnout, remain ethical in their practice, and provide them with continuing education units.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and surround yourself with like-minded women within the health industry, join the BGH Community. You can sign up today!

MSW: Is for Master degree of Social Work
LICSW: Stands for Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
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