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Part 3 ( Dangers of Eyebrow Tints)

Part 3 ( Dangers of Eyebrow Tints)

I often get the questions concerning safety of eyebrow tints.  Of course, I understand it is perfectly normal to want to change how your eyebrows look when you have changed your hair dye. But, you must consider the dangers, risks and side effects of these tints as well.

Common side effects and risks of eyebrow tinting include; eye skin irritation, granuloma (tissue inflammation over a small area), and contact dermatitis, among many others. Some people might experience the worst case of swelling and/or inflammation, which could cause blindness.

How to reduce the severity of side effects

The eyebrow tinting side effects may vary from one person to another. Therefore, it’s important to do an allergy test, by placing a small patch of the chosen tint brand on your inner arm or neck region, and wait for at least 24 hours to see if there’s any reaction.

While using eyebrow tints, it is good to have lubricating eye drops or saline to use to rinse your eyes; if you happen to have very sensitive eyes this will help reduce their sensitivity.  Furthermore, when using them, it is highly advisable to ensure your eye area is protected.

To reduce the side effects of eyebrow tints, you need to go for those that are vegetable oil based tints, as they are less harsh. To ensure a safer outcome putting on brow tints, it’s recommended to go to a salon with a experienced professional. It will cost you as little as 10 to 30 bucks and the work will be professional.


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