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How I Stayed Confident When Losing Weight

How I Stayed Confident When Losing Weight

After years of feeling unworthy Danee Campbell broke the shackles chaining her to unhappiness and embarked on a journey of self-love. This is a look into her transformation story.

What was the catalyst that led you to love yourself?

What made me start embracing myself was the realization of my same-sex attraction. That helped me understand that I couldn’t expect others to accept me for who I really am If I didn’t accept me for who I really am.

What was the first step you took in letting people know who you really are?

Among other things like beginning to hold my head up high, I started sharing my feelings on Instagram. That was HUGE for me! I could add hashtags and found I had support from strangers. I was able to be real about myself which led to self-realization and my weight-loss journey.

Tell us a little about your self-realization journey.

One of the biggest things was realizing I didn’t need some people in my life. These were people who held me down instead of lifting me up. I learned it was okay to let people go. Now I’m not afraid to speak up. It’s okay to say whether I like something or not without having fear of losing them, or rejection, or anything. At the end of the day, people who really care about you are not going to take your opinion or viewpoint and bash you.

Tell us a little about your weight-loss journey.

What made me start my weight-loss journey was a doctor’s appointment. The scale said 467 pounds. I remember going home and crying because I was almost half a ton. The first thing I did was set a goal to finish a 5k. I signed up for the Color Me Rad race and I did it.  It was hard. there were times throughout when I wanted to stop and I didn’t think I could finish. Luckily I was with a group of people who encouraged me. When the finish line was in sight I knew I had to just go for it. Some people who had already finished the race even came back to run with me! Since then I started using Instagram to hold myself accountable.

So far I’ve lost 50 pounds and gained a whole new confidence because I love myself.

Do you have anything you would say to your younger self?

I wish I could tell my younger self things that I know now. That you are gonna have struggles but that you will make it through them. I wish I would have told her not to listen to those bullies and negative people because one day it won’t matter to you what they think. That one day you will be trying on clothes with your girlfriends. That you will be hanging out poolside with all your friends in a two-piece bathing suit having the time of your life. That change is good. That it’s okay to put yourself first and to let go of people who aren’t bringing something to your life. To stop being insecure and hold your head up high. That you are no different than anyone else. That you are beautiful. That you will be confident and inspire others to do the same and to enjoy this crazy ride called life.

To keep up with Danee’s success follow her on Instagram @babi_nay.



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