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Nothing in the World is Impossible


Nothing in the World is Impossible

By: Karlise Cureton

Nothing in the world is impossible. If you have big goals in life, one of the best things you can do is to realize this truth. Take a moment to imagine yourself achieving your dreams.  Do not allow your fear of failure prevent you from dreaming big bold goals! And A. C. T. like it’s impossible to fail.

A-Accept there may be obstacles, limitations and challenges. Accept they are designed to develop you into the person who can reach the goal.

C-Create a plan and write it down. Place it in a place you can see it written down everyday. And be ok with this plan changing because IT. WILL. CHANGE.

T-Tackle the plan! Go after your plan relentlessly until the goal is reached. Be flexible for the plan to change and ready to pivot and change directions.

After tackling your plan you start the cycle over after assessing your obstacles to the goal. The longer you A. C. T. you will closer to and reach your goals or as my mama would say: “Fake it til you make it”

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