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#NoExcuses: How Tia Mowry Motivated Us to Get in the Gym

Tia Mowry Gym

#NoExcuses: How Tia Mowry Motivated Us to Get in the Gym

This time of year most of us are either looking back on our goals for the year or scrapping them and starting over. And if we’re talking about fitness goals, most likely we’re in the latter. With all the good food, parties, gatherings, and cocktails on the menu for the next couple weeks, of course the last thing on our mind is the gym. But then Tia Mowry came through with her cute baby bump and gym clothes to remind us that we need to hop on #teamnoexcuses and get our daily dose of exercise in, no matter what.


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Since being diagnosed with endometriosis, Tia has changed her diet and exercise routine and being pregnant with baby #2 hasn’t stopped her from getting her daily workout sessions in. To take a tip from her book, you don’t always have to go hard with your session. Even yoga or a good walk is better than doing nothing at all.

So who else is joining the fitness team this month? Only a few weeks to go so let’s finish off this year strong!

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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