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Keep Better Hair With A Night Time Regimen

Keep Better Hair With A Night Time Regimen

You know the women who always have the perfect bouncy wrap, feathered curls that Farrah Fawcett would be jealous of? What about the ones who always have the even edges that are laid to perfection? It makes you wonder, does she ever have a bad hair day; probably not. Why? Because she has a good hair night.

The women whose hair just seems to sway and behave are usually women who have a night time hair regimen. A good night time regimen can prevent a bad hair day and giving them amazing results in the morning. A nighttime hair regimen should consist of maintenance, protection, and preparation. Start by moisturizing or oiling–whichever you prefer on your hair. Black hair typically needs more moisture than other hair types so make sure you don’t skip this step.

Next, move on to protection. Whether you’re the kind of girl that sets your hair on rollers, pin curls, or simply tie it up with a satin bonnet or scarf, your hair needs protection against the constant friction against your pillows. Most pillow cases are made with some cotton fibers, which are very absorbent, and can suck the oil and life out of your hair. To be extra safe you can even invest in some satin pillowcases in case your scarf or bonnet slips off.

Night regimens also “train” your hair to move in the direction you want at all times. Hence the flow of that bouncy wrap is created not by a flat iron, which smashes hair between two plates, but instead by being molded around shape of your head. Such routines also help distribute natural oils throughout your hair. So as much as you want to just jump right into your spot and cuddle up, whip out that scarf and pins first, your hair will thank you in the morning!

If you want to prevent an unnecessary hair struggle in the morning, you need to start a nigh hair routine asap! What is yours?


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