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Natural Hair Youtubers!

Natural Hair Youtubers!

Finally! It is time to talk about Natural Hair Youtubers! There are an abundance of natural hair youtubers out there just waiting for us to click and subscribe! Let’s look at a few.

Naptural85: Whitney White, also known as Naptural85, has been gracing our youtube timeline for years. Her beautiful 4A and 4B coils remind us that we too can achieve beautiful and healthy natural hair. She’s taken us on her natural hair journey and shown us the importance of hair health.

Amber Ansah: Amber Ansah took us on her journey from a short cute and curly little afro to long flowing and healthy hair. She shows her viewers the best products for her 3C and 4A hair to help her audience reach similar or better results for herself.

Tyiece: I know I said I’m giving you all a list of natural hair youtubers but hair health is important for those of you who are relaxed. Tyiece shows her audience that when caring for your hair properly relaxed hair can be healthy.

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