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A Natural Hair Transition with @JessicaJWalk

A Natural Hair Transition with @JessicaJWalk

When it comes to making the decision to “go natural” you have two choices. Big chop or transition. For this week’s #fabhairfriday, we’re featuring @JessicaWalk. A natural beauty who decided to do a year long natural hair transition that ultimately led a to mini chop. This is her hair story.

I started transitioning June of 2009, wearing wash & go styles & gradually cutting off the relaxed ends until my mini big chop in August of 2010. My hair is low porosity (which means the hair has difficulty retaining moisture) & protein sensitive (which means that some proteins can cause allergic reactions in the hair). Because of these characteristics, I stay away from heavy butters, protein, & coconut oil.

Natural Hair TransitionNatural hair transitionNatural Hair Transition

My current regimen is cleansing & deep conditioning weekly. And in the winter months, I try to pop in a mid-week rinse. For styles, I’m usually wearing a wash & go or ¬†occasionally a flat twist out set on stretched hair from a curlformer set. I maintain my wash & go’s by pineapple-ing at night, and with stretched styles I either wrap it into a bun or braid in 2 pigtails overnight.

Thanks Jessica for sharing your natural hair transition story with us! Make sure to follow Jessica’s natural hair journey on Instagram at @jessicajwalk.


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