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Natural Hair Kickstart | Reinvent Your Life Series

Natural Hair Kickstart | Reinvent Your Life Series

Hey Ladies!

its that time of year again! We are going to be kickstarting all kinds of things next year and if you’re natural then your hair routine will be apart of it. Getting your hair routine back on track for 2019 is going to be vital for your hair journey, because lets face it, we all get off track sometimes. And if you’re like me, you’ve been off track for a few months or more (you know who you are sis). Specifically for those of us that are 2 or more years in, you’ve more than likely hit a plateau or maybe even a slump in your journey. That’s why a kickstart is necessary. We are going to discuss the kickstart, and I’m going to give you 2 things to do up until then to get prepared.

So what is this Natural Hair Kickstart?

Well the outcome of it will be different for each of us, but I thought instead of doing a “challenge” we could do something a little easier. In Fact, I want you to not challenge yourself. I want you to find the easiest most simplistic wash day routine possible. With a simple and easy routine, you can be motivated to continue doing your hair on schedule, and not get off track from your journey because your routine is too “complicated”

So, here are 2 things we want to do before the kickstart begins

1) Gather ideas for your “Signature Look”

Your signature look will be the way you wear your hair almost everyday. You can wear your hair down or up, it’s up to you. Just as long as it’s something you like but not too complicated.

  • Tip: try to avoid looks that are only cute if they are super defined.  An Afro or a Wavy look is a good example.

2) Find your signature products

Signature products will be important, all the product junkies out there know how expensive natural hair can be. We don’t want that $40 deep conditioner to be the reason why we skip our routine this week.

  • Tip: pick something inexpensive but doesn’t require you to really “make”. Like an aloe Vera and Coconut Oil moisturizing mix.

Doing these 2 things before we start the kickstart will help you stay on track. Remember to keep these simple and keep the hairstyle cute but easy to do! If you missed the post where I talked about our financial part of the Reinvent Your Life series the check here for that. I’m looking forward to getting our lives together in 2019 and hope you are too!

And remember to always live your best life sis!



Nikki Brame
Health and Wellness Contributor

Nikki is a natural hair blogger and youtuber , also known by the handle @ChicNaturlNikki, has been in the game over five years now. She loves journies to find her best self and has enjoyed sharing her these journeys and practices with you along the way.

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