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Nails are not tools and should not be treated as such. To get the most out of them treat them as jewels. Below is list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to caring for your nails.

  1. Your nails are not made to scratch your body. Find a back scratcher.
  2. They are not made for getting food out from the pot. Always use utensils.
  3. Nails are jewels so take care of them. Treat them with TLC.
  4. Do not ever rip your nails like they are piece of paper.
  5. Always make sure you file your nails when you are around kids, you don’t want to tear your kid’s skin.
  6. Keep your nails pretty and healthy. Trim often and protect them from anything harsh.
  7. Do not pull acrylic from your nails when you are bored with the design. If you do no exercise proper acrylic removal, you might end up with no nail.
  8. There is a tool designed to open your mail, nails are not knives.
  9. Nails are not medicine to calm you down when you are uncomfortable or nervous, so leave them alone, and try not to bite them.
  10. You can’t think of your nails as dishes that you wipe frequently with polish remover and never follow with moisturizer; because they are jewels and they can become damaged.




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