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MYTHS associated with HIV/AIDS BUSTED! | HIV Awareness

MYTHS associated with HIV/AIDS BUSTED! | HIV Awareness

There are many myths about HIV/AIDS and people living with these infections that are just not true. A myth is a widely held belief that is actually false. However, since so many people  believe that it is true, it continues to permeate society. That is why today I have decided to bust some of these myths so that everyone knows the truth about HIV/AIDS and people infected with it.

“HIV/AIDS is  death sentence”

While this used to be the case, this is no longer true. As with any infection or disease, the less we know about it the deadlier it seems. Since then we have been able to develop different drugs  and treatments to help people cope with the infection and live longer fuller lives.

“Having HIV means you have AIDS”

Another Myth that is absolutely false. Having HIV does not mean that you have Aids, and you may never have aids as long as you take your treatment seriously. Without treatment it takes almost a decade (in a lot of cases) for HIV to develop to aids. If you are tested and you test positive for aids, that means you’ve had HIV for a while prior.

“Treatments for HIV restore full health”

Unfortunately, as much as we all wish this was true, there is no verified cure for aids. While there have been tests and experiments where HIV/AIDS has been cured, there is no way to show that it will work everytime. Yes, people living with HIV/AIDS can live long and fulfilling lives which every human deserves to do, but unfortunately, until a cure is verified, they will never be fully free of infection.

“Pregnant women with HIV will pass it to their babies”

Another myth that I am happy to see as false. In America its only about a 25% chance that a woman will pass HIV to her child during pregnancy, those odds are quite good. However, with treatment those odds dwindle all the way down from 25% to between 1% and 2%. So if you’re a woman who has contracted this infection, just know that you can still have children that will live healthy and normal lives.

“HIV is only spread through homosexuals and injection drug use.”

This is a big one, and something that I have spoken on before. In my post about whether homophobia is keeping HIV rates high in our community, I talked briefly about this. A person does not have to engage in homosexual contact to contract HIV/AIDS. I fully believe that a person will be more forthcoming with this information, or more willing to get tested if they do not feel as though they will be labeled. HIV/AIDS does not care your orientation, just like how nobody else should, in my humble opinion.

So those are some commonly held beliefs about HIV/Aids and the people infected with them. Do you know of anymore myths? Comment down below and let me know some of the outrageous things people said and believe! You can also get more information on HIV/AIDS from the U.S. National Library of Medicine here at their MedlinePlus website.

Live your best life sis!



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