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Move Your Body in Shape with Selena Watkins

Selena Watkins

Move Your Body in Shape with Selena Watkins

This week our #wcw is the gorgeous Selena Watkins. Creator of the caribbean inspired dance fitness program Socanomics, SoulCycle instructor, and Women’s Health Next Fitness Star. Get to know about her and how she uses movement–and dance in particular–to stay fit and in shape.

Fitness workouts inspired by dance aren’t anything new. But for Selena Watkins, her passion for movement, caribbean flavor, and a career in dance that spans over a decade, she was able to carve a space in the dance fitness space that changed the game.

From Selena’s dance choreography to her love for fitness, it’s all rooted in her belief in movement. In order to succeed in life, she believes we must all be active participants. And the “active” part is literally infused into every area of her work. Her action-based lifestyle has become an inspiration to men and women who are ready to kickstart their health and life.

So just what makes Watkin’s dance fitness so unique? A combination of rhythmic movements and strength training drills that help to boost your metabolism and strengthen your core. If you’re ready to get moving, these dance inspired squats straight from the Socanomics diva herself are a great place to start.

3 Dance Inspired Squats to Try 

  1. Squat with up and down whine: Put a little spice on a basic squat by whining your hips as you squat.
  2. Plie squat jumps: A twist on a classic dance move! Take your squat up a notch by placing your legs in second position and jumping at the start of the squat into a plie.
  3. Low side-step squat: This one keeps things low to the ground. Start in a low squat and side step out from side to side, staying in the low position.

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Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager