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Meet Essential Oils Expert Renee Jones!

Meet Essential Oils Expert Renee Jones!

Renee Jones is owner and Wellness Advocate with Forever Wellness, Inc., a health and wellness firm, based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Forever Wellness shares how to maintain optimum mental, physical and spiritual health utilizing Essential Oils and other natural solutions.

She was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils, by a friend in 2012.  Her primary health challenges were focus and insomnia.  Her friend recommended trying doTERRA Blended Oils Balance for focus and Serenity for insomnia.  There was immediate results for her.

As a person that subscribes to an integrative and a wholistic approach to wellness, she right away began to educate herself on doTERRA Essential Oils and Products

Now, she spends her time sharing her experiences and helping others learn about the powerful impact of doTERRA Essential Oils, in a one-to-one consultation or in-class environment.

Renee is a retired Nonprofit Manager and Health Prevention Coordinator.

Let’s make our community healthier and happier one “drop at a time”.

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