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Working Out at KICKSTART: Pound, Zoombalicious, & Spin

Working Out at KICKSTART: Pound, Zoombalicious, & Spin

We’ve been talking about it for months but the day has arrived! KICKSTART, our health & wellness expo empowering minority women to take charge of their health is going down today! If you aren’t able to join us, don’t worry we’ll be documenting it all here and on our social media accounts!

When it comes to the conversation surrounding health & wellness, fitness plays a huge role. With this in mind, at KICKSTART we have multiple workouts and fitness sessions to kickoff the expo. And when we say “workout” we don’t mean those boring, outdated sessions. We’re talking about workouts they get you up, get you moving, and get you sweating with some of the best experts in the industry. Walking down halls dancing to the music coming out of each workshop alone was a workout on its own!


Kickstart: Pound

If you’re gonna start off a health & wellness conference, this is how you do it!  With Ripstix–which are lightweight drum sticks–in hand, this session led by Paulette Wilson had the ladies participating in a rhymthic fitness routine that combined full body movements and drumming along with upbeat music to get the energy flowing! This workout session had all the fitness aspects you need–cardio, conditioning, and strength training–along with the ones you love–yaasss music.


Kickstart: Zoombalicious

For the ladies looking for something a little more high energy, this fitness class led by Sandy & Charisse did not disappoint. A full body workout for sure that combined high energy dance moves, fusic, and a number of fitness techniques had the attendee jumping, dancing, grooving, and moving. And let us be clear, this was not your average Zumba class. The hip hop vibes had the room feeling like a real life dance party. We even finished off the session dancing to Panda by Desiigner.


Kickstart: Spin

By the time the afternoon sessions got going, the energy levels were up! Perfect for the intense cardio workout that promotes endurance and strength. The Spin class, led by Suzanne Kelly, combined indoor cycling and upbeat music in a dimly light room to get the ladies motivated and moving. Kelly’s special 30/20/10 technique helped build up momentum by taking it easy for the first 30, going harder for the next 20, and going the hardest for the last 10!

Stay tuned for more details on KICKSTART and follow along on social!

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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