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Linda Wyatt Defies the Norms of Western Medicine and Proves that Alternative Approaches can Make a Difference

Linda Wyatt Defies the Norms of Western Medicine and Proves that Alternative Approaches can Make a Difference

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It’s here, our last week in the month of October and the BGH community is proud to announce our last partner spotlight article of the month. Today we are taking time to celebrate Linda Wyatts and her amazing accomplishments of taking control of her own health by becoming Health and Green Smoothie Cleanse Coach. At the age of twenty-five, Linda was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disorder affecting many joints, commonly those in the hands and feet. For fifteen years, Wyatt experienced immense pain, and the only available treatment included painful steroid injections in various joints, suffered various flare-ups which left her unable to do her daily activities. At one point in time, the pain and suffering became debilitating to the point where she had endured a left shoulder replacement. Linda, tired of the endless pain and clinical treatments, she redirected her route to a more holistic approach. Wyatt tried a variety of alternative methods to address her symptoms and the tremendous amount of pain she experienced. For the next couple of years, Linda did not see improved results until 2015, she was informed that she would have to undergo another surgery. Linda being apprehensive and tired of the continuous medications and surgeries, she had one last resort. A friend of hers introduced her to the 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith. After doing her first cleanse, Linda felt as if she had more energy than she has ever had in the last fifteen years. She noticed the extensive amount of pain she had was gone and she was able to manage her weight by losing a few pounds. Because of her proven success with the Green Smoothies Cleanse, she decided to become a certified Green Smoothie Cleanse Leader and to help influence and coach others to reclaim their health. In addition, she decided to hold coaching services and educational seminars on the cleanse.

The BGH community is proud to announce our partnership with Linda Wyatt and her company Linda Loves Greens, where she provides exceptional services that include the 10-day green smoothie cleanse and facilitate workshops on the cleanse. Wyatt’s goal is to give people, especially black women the foundation of the need to pursue a healthy lifestyle. She acknowledges how women of color are disadvantaged in the healthcare system and need guidance to navigate and take control of their health. Wyatt’s clients believe that she a phenomenal role model for the community. Here’s what some of her clients say about her: It has been my delight to work with Linda with the 10 days cleanse. She kept me focused and provided much-needed support and encouragement. Doing the 10 days cleanse provided more energy and my sleep pattern was better. The 10 days cleanse is a lifestyle change that I am looking forward to incorporating the green smoothies into my lifestyle. I lost 11 lbs on the detox and lost the cravings for sweets. I know that I will continue this journey to become healthy to enjoy my grandchildren. Linda, thank you for being my coach. Looking forward to continuing to work with you on my road to healthy living. Dannita

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