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Let the Music Do the Heavy Lifting

Home Workout

Let the Music Do the Heavy Lifting

Finding My Passion and Purpose

Becoming a DJ after having a career as a theatrical actress and dancer was a huge lifestyle shift for me. Long, late hours of work meant unstable sleeping and eating patterns. The freelance lifestyle comes with unique stresses and being an entrepreneur can consume one’s thoughts 24/7 if we let it. Alcohol was suddenly being offered to me freely and excessively… at my job! Needless to say, I put on some pounds during that transition period as I found my way as a new DJ. Now, I have a career that is fulfilling and which brings me joy, and I’ve learned how to maintain healthier habits around my new DJ lifestyle.

My Workout Routine

One of my favorite healthy habits is my home workout routine, which I commit to doing daily. I use a TRX band and get sweaty right in my living room. This works well for me because getting my behind to the gym was just not happening. For me, the most challenging part of working out is getting motivated to put on my sneakers and get started. Usually, once I’ve begun my workout, endorphins kick in and I’m driven to push hard for the entire duration of my routine.

Make sure you start the music at the beginning of your workout routine.

Hearing hard hitting music drops me out of my thoughts and into my workout mindset. Once the music starts, I know it’s time to get my sneakers on, start warming up and get to sweating. This habit of letting the music be my workout companion has really helped me honor my fitness goals. If you tend to feel stuck in your thoughts and are having trouble getting off the couch and getting your workout started, I recommend letting the music be your cue. Hit play on this mix or any workout tunes that drive you and watch how fast you get those sneakers on!

Guest Article By DJ Taela Naomi

Photo Credit: Christopher Serralta

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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