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Leave In Conditioners That Leave Your Hair Looking Great!!!!

Leave In Conditioners That Leave Your Hair Looking Great!!!!

The hair tossed look is not just for our admired celebs, us common folk are now rocking that care free look now too. The beloved days of a bottle of “Pump it Up” or our coveted brown gelled to perfection hairstyle is gone (well maybe not for everyone, finger waves just won’t seem to die). So just how can we get that effortless yet polished look?

Well if your genetics aren’t contributing to the festivities, the use of rollers, flexi rods, twists, or even a curling wand will help you get there. With the right combination of water and a good leave in conditioner (leave-ins add moisture, shine, and movement to your hair) you can even get him (YOUR MAN) to believe you woke up like that.
Taking your hair in small sections, mist with water, leave in conditioner, and wrap hair around flexi-rods, and let set overnight. However, if you don’t’ have time for that nighttime action, a good curling wand is always a quick way to achieve this beach babe look. Loosely wrap small wefts around the wand, let hair cool, and then separate curls with fingers. This look is sure to appear flawless.

These are three leave in conditioners that I Absolutely LOVE:

Kinky-Curly Knot Today.  It’s thick,  creamy, and smells Great!!!

Infusium 23, an oldie but goodie. It has a light consistently, but once left dried into hair,  but was left dried into your hair, and hear added it’s wonderful!!!

Lastly,  Redken Extreme Anti-Snap leave in conditioner.  If you have some damage or bad ends,  it will seal them and bring them back to love.


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