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Lace Front Closure

Lace Front Closure

We have all seen it, yes the unfortunate situation where our weaved up sista has a gorgeous weave, except for one fatal flaw, her au natural coiled locks do not quite blend with her extended wavy Malaysian tresses.

The strenuous blending situation happens when someone’s real hair is left out to cover over their weave extensions. With all the different textures available, it’s hard to choose one that best blends with our own natural textures. Well praise be to the hair gods who have come up with a solution to the avoid having a ‘party in the front, business in the back’ type situation. When worn with a weave, Lace Front Closures provide you with a seamless, natural looking scalp and hairline.

You no longer have to apply constant heat and various products to blend your natural hair with your weave.  Lace Front Closures also help protect your edges and make them grow, instead of break off, due to excessive heat and lack of upkeep. So, “no more taco meat on top and Pocahontas on the bottom” ladies, with a well made closure, you can have consistency in texture from root to tip.


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