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K. Michelle’s Big Chop

K. Michelle’s Big Chop

“I’ve been learning, learning to be in love with myself.” ~K. Michelle. It’s always dope to see celebrities step out of the norm and change up their look, but the last thing we expected was K. Michelle’s bold new hair cut. She debuted her big chop and it is stunning!

In preparation for her new album, The People I Used to Know, K. Michelle is revealing herself, her vulnerabilities, and the things–and people–she’s encountered on this journey of life. Right in line with the transformation of her inner self, she decided to take the plunge and big chop, a popular way to go natural.

“I cut it off, like I cut you off. U picked your side, and i’m picking mine. The tough decision hasn’t cost me a dime, but the pretending you care is a waste of my time. Friendship ends when some are offered slot times”

Now, of course she’s talking about the people in her life, but so many of us can relate to these feelings when it comes to our hair and letting go of people’s expectations. For women, and black women especially, making bold hair moves is a sign you’ve done some soul searching and inner work which is the best kind of transformation there is. Plus, you know what they say about women who cut their hair…they are about to change their life!

What do you think about K. Michelle’s big chop? Loving it or is it too bold for your taste?

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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