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Join the 30000Mile Walk to help save a child’s life

Join the 30000Mile Walk to help save a child’s life

Did you know AIDS is the leading cause of death among children living in Africa? 

In fact, children between the ages 0-4 are more likely to die than any people living with HIV/AIDs. Due to the alarming rate of HIV/AIDS diagnoses and deaths, the American Foundation of Children with AIDs Inc. (AFCA) has partnered Charity Footprints to fundraise $20,000 to help infected children in Africa pay for treatment, school fees, sustainable food resources and medical supplies. To provide support for the children in need, AFCA and Charity Footprints created the 30000Miles campaign.

What is the 30000Miles Campaign?

The campaign is a virtual walk through Africa, which will take you from one capital city to the next in mainland Africa, covering a total of 30,090 miles. The walk will begin on April 15th and will end June 17th. The goal is to complete the walk in the shortest amount of time possible, so AFCA can continue to assist children living with HIV/AIDS. Thousands of people worldwide will be participating in the walk – in hopes to transform lives in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How can you participate in the 30000Miles Walk?

You can participate in the walk by enrolling in the virtual race and paying a registration fee. The registration fee along with other funds raised will go towards AFCA, a non-profit organization, as a donation to enable various programs and continue to pursue the organization’s mission.

Once you register, you will be able to track your workouts by setting up your FitbitGarmin or Charity Footprints’ iOS device. If you workout indoors, you can upload your workouts, here.

If you choose to fundraise when participating in the campaign in the effort to support children in Africa becoming healthier, the first 100 people to raise $100 will receive a T-shirts. The great thing is, you won’t even have to set up a fundraising page. Once you register, Charity Footprints will give you a link to your fundraising page.

Are you ready to sign-up?

You can impact a child’s life by signing up, today. This would be a great opportunity for you to #GETFITGIVEBACK.


Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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