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I always think its funny when clients come in with what they believe is something simple, but really involves a whole lot more steps and processes than they thought. This often comes up when clients request certain color transformations. Whether relaxed, natural, or transitioning, you need to be well educated on the different forms of color, and if your hair condition is color ready. Here are a few color options, along with some suggestions.

Temporary Color–  This last only until your next shampoo. Being that temporary color comes often in the form of a spray or chalk, they can leave hair with a residue, and often with a dull appearance.

Semi-Permanent– Semi-permanent hair color comes in the form of rinses, usually applied to damp hair and absorbed through heat. While it does lay on top of hair, it does penetrate into hair deeper than any temporary color would. However, like temporary hair color it has no chemical base to it, so it can be applied directly after a chemical service like a relaxer or texturizer. There is also a clear version of this, which leaves a glaze over the hair, adding shine. Semi-permanent colors are also nice because of the base used to create the color. It’s rich in pigment, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle, such colors can add depth and even highlight your hair.

Permanent Color- Used with a developer (or color lifting agent) permanent color uses chemicals to permanently alter the color of your hair. It does not rinse out, but can fade over time. If not ready, permanent color can be very damaging to hair, especially when high developer volumes are used to lighten hair multiple shades lighter from its original color. Some permanent colors have to be put on after hair is bleached or lifted. Be careful, and make sure to have this done by professionals, otherwise you could be susceptible to over processing. Once hair is chemically burned you have to cut it off and start over. Be sure to have a thorough discussion with your stylist to see if your hair and budget are ready for such changes. Colored hair has to be maintained, and even more pampered than the average non-colored head of hair. Steam treatments, trims, and heat protection will aid in the longevity of your hair and its color.

Remember ladies like any chemical service, it can alter the texture of your hair as well as the vitality of it. Be sure you get such services done by licensed professionals as well as those that specialize in such services.

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