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Is Sugar or Salt Worse for Your Heart?

Is Sugar or Salt Worse for Your Heart?

I love a sugary treat, but I also love something with a little salt to it. Unhealthy diets tend to lead us to places we dread being, such as having high blood pressure. So, what’s worse for our heart? Is it the salt or is it the sugar?

Sodium is a necessary nutrient for the body. The daily recommended amount is 2,300 mg of sodium. Studies have shown that a large percentage of people consume way more sodium than we should and that those with low sodium diets generally have lower blood pressures. But evidence has emerged to suggest that salt is not the only reason for high blood pressure. There is a very big difference between natural sugars and added sugars. For example, fruits have natural sugars while sodas and condiments have added sugars in them. We consume 1.5 times more sodium than we are supposed to and 7 times the amount of sugar that we are supposed to. According to Christopher Dubuque, DO, Samaritan Internal Medicine-Corvallis, the average amount of sodium that we intake hasn’t changed significantly even while the cardiovascular disease has grown, however, the average amount of added sugar intake has increased.

It’s extremely important to control our salt and sugar intake. A healthy diet can do a lot for your heart health and lead you towards living a healthier life. Consult with your physician about a healthier diet. Your health is important, beautiful! To learn more about proper nutrition and heart health, please follow Black Girl Health on Instagram and our blog.

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