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Is Exercise During Pregnancy Okay?

Is Exercise During Pregnancy Okay?

Those of you lovely ladies who are expecting the arrival of a little bundle of joy, this one’s for you! You’re here because you want to be healthy and live a healthier lifestyle so what changes now that you’re pregnant?

For the longest time we’ve been preaching exercise and a healthy diet but can you do that with a bun in the oven? Yes. Exercise during your pregnancy is generally safe and very often recommended, unless told otherwise by one’s health professional concerning complications. Exercising during a pregnancy is not for weight loss at that particular moment, but rather to remain healthy and for possible weight loss post-pregnancy.

Some benefits to exercising during a pregnancy include an increase in energy and an improved mood. As with anything, there are some things you should not do while pregnant and this includes exercising. A pregnancy means that what you do to your body directly impacts another being’s health.

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