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If you find yourself frustrated, the one thing you should do is CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

If you find yourself frustrated, the one thing you should do is CLEAR THE CLUTTER!

Say it with me! “CLEAR the CLUTTER”

Clearing the clutter in our life is vital for the transformation of any kind. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get married? Do you want to get into a romantic relationship? Do you want to get a better job? Whatever it is that you want to do this is the first step to set up a strong foundation for success.

In my practice, clearing the clutter is one of the first three action steps I give my clients to start their weight loss journey. There are three particular areas in our life that get to be cleared: physical environment, schedule, and relationships. I want to break each of these down separately.

Your Step-by-step guide to clear the clutter!

First, clear your physical environment. This includes your kitchen, bedroom, basement, car, etc. These are the places you are in often and when they are cluttered your brain subconsciously becomes cluttered. When it comes to the kitchen it is important to get rid of anything that will be tempting or that contains high fructose corn syrup. It is so important to set yourself up for success in the beginning. If you do not see it, then most likely you will not eat it so pack it up and give it to a friend that is not ready to change or donate it to feed locals. Clearing the clutter at work is also important. This will allow you to think clearly, be productive, and organized thus decreasing stress. Sometimes clearing the clutter means throwing away items that are no longer serving you also not just cleaning.

Second, clear your schedule. There are so many things we feel obligated to say yes to as women. We say yes to our kids, our girlfriends, our family, our significant other, our job, our church, and everything little thing that comes with them. It is very easy to get caught in the doing. It is normal to start feeling bad for others and making commitments that we dread. What I am here to say is that easy and normal does not equal transformation. Easy and normal continue to get you the same things that have come easy and normal to you. Those are the things that you have already mastered, but the thing/person you want you have not yet mastered how to get and keep, therefore, you get to start saying no to the things that do not align with your priorities. You get to set boundaries on your time. You get to clear the clutter in your schedule.

Last, clear the clutter in your relationships. Relationships are life and death to everything. The first relationship and hardest relationship you get to clear is the relationship you have with YOURSELF. Like I said this is the hardest relationship you will ever have, but you get to get rid of some old thoughts, beliefs, and language that you once used. Also, you get to forgive yourself and appreciate how far you have come. You get to accept where you are and focus the positive intention for the situation at hand. Because whether you believe in God or the universe, it is all perfect. Next, are the relationships you have with others. During any transformation process, especially health, you want to have positive and supportive people around you that will hold you accountable. In order to have a strong foundation, you must set boundaries and/or cut off those in your life that bring negativity and drama. If they cannot jump on board with you simply to support, then they might not be the best person to be in your life anyway.

Ladies, before you do anything clear the clutter. If things aren’t going right in one or more areas in your life that find out where the clutter gets to be cleared. Last but not least connect to your spirit and let it guide you.

For more information or help on clearing the clutter, you can contact me using the information below.

By Kaula Jacks

Farah Green
Farah Green
Web Content Manager

As a body activist, speaker and exercise nutrition coach, Farah is on a mission to break the generational curse of chronic disease among women of color and help them embrace their bodies by helping them build more self-love and confidence. She has helped hundreds of women create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. As the web content manager for BGH, Farah will share various health and wellness tips that will help every woman improve their quality of life through health, wellness, and nutrition. Farah and the web content team is dedicated to educating women on how to best take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is to help you make your health more of a priority.

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