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I Love My Color, but I Want to Love My Skin!

I Love My Color, but I Want to Love My Skin!

As I was growing up I noticed that not only did I generally have the darkest skin in social groups but in my family I did as well. My father drilled into my head that my color is beautiful and I should always love it, and I do. There was a difference, however, between loving my color and loving my skin.

The skin is the largest organ of your body and undergoes a lot. People don’t generally think about the harm that they do to their skin either by not taking care of it or by doing the wrong things to take care of it. People of color, for example, are affected by eczema more so than Caucasians and don’t know how to help it. Eczema causes extremely dry skin. The obvious treatment for dry skin is vaseline or lotion, however the better options for dry skin (in general) are natural cocoa butter, natural shea butter, and natural mango butters. Although this is not a cure for eczema, this can ease the dryness of the affected area. Whether changes can also affect the skin. Winter brings dry and cold air while summer brings dry and hot air. Both can dry out the skin significantly. You need to protect your skin.

We often want clear glowing skin and a snatched body quickly, and when people who have it say to eat healthy and drink water a lot of us inwardly roll our eyes, but it truthfully works. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and does wonders for rest of your body.

Just these two things have done wonders for my skin and there are so many more things that can be done to benefit your beautiful skin. Now not only do I love my color, but I love my skin and I want you to love yours too! To learn more about how to love yourself, please follow Black Girl Health on Instagram and our blog. If you would like to be a vendor the Black Girl Health Kickstart Expo, visit our website.

Dominique Bynum
Health and Wellness Contributor

Dominique is a writer who has a passion for fitness, health, beauty and more. She loves researching these things in order to live a better lifestyle and is excited to help you live one too!

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