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How To Prep Your Hair For The Fall Season

How To Prep Your Hair For The Fall Season

Oh beloved summer, farewell my friend! As we say goodbye to one season, we quickly welcome another. As the weather changes so should your hair routine. You’ve probably subjected your hair to all the salt water, UV rays, and chlorine it could stand. Your hair needs a reset button from all of this. Here are a few ways you can prep your hair for the fall season.

Clarify your hair: Get rid of all the dirt and oils that your heavy conditioner and anti-frizz serums. Make sure that the clarifying shampoo you do use is gentle and doesn’t strip the hair of all its natural oils.

Do a protein treatment: Summer humidity will make your hair swell and show visible frizz. But did you know that humidity can also weaken the hair? Visibly, your hair will look mushy. That mushy hair is weak and susceptible to breakage. Use a protein treatment to strengthen your hair.  Unlike the winter months, you don’t have to worry about protein overload. So give your hair that extra dose of protein it needs

Get a trim: If you opted to wear your out this summer, or endorsed twist out styles, and the humidity caused shrinkage, it likely caused a lot of tangling too. It probably also caused knots and split ends.  If this is the case, start the fall season with a clean slate. Get a trim! You don’t want to head into fall and winter with damaged ends. The cold, brittle air that is coming will not show those damaged ends mercy, so get a trim.

Seal Your Hair and Ends: Now that you have hit the reset button, don’t forget to protect your strands. As the weather gets colder, make the switch to heavier oils and butters.  Pay special attention to your ends since they are particularly susceptible to breakage in the colder months. Indulge in a steam treatment, (the Benz of deep conditions) so that those oils can be embedded deep in your hairs cuticle layer.  As the colder air draws closer, you may want to opt for protective styles where you can tuck your ends away.


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