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How to Grocery Shop for Healthy Foods on a Budget

How to Grocery Shop for Healthy Foods on a Budget

“I want to eat healthier! I have so many goals I want to achieve but healthy food is expensive and I don’t want to eat like a rabbit.” Is this you? I feel like we all have been in this position. We don’t all have the money to go completely crazy on healthy food. I have a few suggestions for you to get healthy and still be able to save a few coins.

Plan Your Meals

Decide what kind of meals you want to make and what kinds of foods you’re willing to eat. This way you aren’t buying foods you think you’ll eat at some point but instead, you’re buying foods you will eat and have a plan to make.  

Make a List

I promise this will help. You won’t forget about foods you really needed to pick up and you won’t pick up foods you really don’t need. Not making a list is what gets people in trouble. Make a list and only get what’s on the list. Don’t deter from it. If you do, you’ll be coming home with more food than you need and less money in your pockets. DON’T HURT YOUR POCKETS!

Grocery Shop on a Full Stomach

This one right here? It helps so much! Do not EVER go to the grocery store when you are hungry. It does so much damage. When you grocery shop while you’re hungry you’re more likely to pick up more foods that you don’t need for the simple fact of you being hungry and telling yourself that you need it. One time I went to the grocery store starving. I bought all my healthy food like normal and then got my weakness: a coca cola and a pack of zebra cakes. I was so ashamed of myself. Spare yourself the shame and the extra sugar you have to get out of your system. DON’T. DO. IT.

Shop on the Outside

Unless you’re shopping in stores like Whole Foods, you’re probably not going to have an abundance of healthy and unprocessed foods store-wide. Because this is the case, you shouldn’t even go in the aisles. I’m not crazy, I promise. I normally start in the produce section whenever I go shopping. Here you get your fresh fruits and vegetables and then further into the store, you get to your meats. I’m not telling you not to go into the aisles at all when you need other things, but I’m telling you that it’s best not to go into the aisles for food. Try it once or twice and see if it makes a difference for you.

Let It Go!-(Frozen reference…. I know I’m Corny)

Start getting frozen fruits and vegetables. Its normally a lot cheaper, packaged in larger bags, and is still very nutritious. They are available all year and can be held for a lot longer than fresh fruits and vegetables, which spoil a lot faster. Try frozen fruits and vegetables. I haven’t spent the money to buy myself a blender yet, however, I still buy frozen fruit and just eat what I’d blend into a smoothie out of a bowl. It’s a good alternative. I promise. Go frozen!

What do you think?

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