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How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin

How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin

Foundations today come in so many different types–cream, powders, liquid, and a mousse– it’s overwhelming sometimes to try and figure out which is best for you. If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating liquid or a cream. If you have oily skin, then a mineral, powder or oil-free liquid formula is better for you.

Know Your Undertones

Undertones are the subtle tint or cast of color underneath your skin–before foundation application. Knowing your undertones is essential to finding the right foundation because only a foundation that matches both your skin tone and undertones is going to blend in seamlessly and effortlessly. There are three types of undertones: Warm, neutral and cool. If you’re not sure what you are, I recommend looking at the inside of your wrist. Does the color look more pink or yellow, or does it fall somewhere in between? Pink means you have cool undertones; yellow is warm and somewhere in between is neutral. Never try color matching your foundation on your wrist, as your face and wrist are totally two different shades. I like to do strips from my jaw line leading to my neckline and whichever shade matches my NECK I go with that shade.

How to apply foundation like a PRO

The whole point of foundation is to enhance your skin, not hide it. You want to apply it so that it looks natural and blends in seamlessly with your skin–you shouldn’t be able to tell where you put foundation on. Apply your foundation with a dense foam sponge or foundation brush so you use as little product as possible and it appears the most natural.  For an even, more natural look, go over the face with a damp (Fix+ Spray) with a beauty blender after you’ve applied the foundation, being careful not to remove the makeup–you just want to give it that final touch’ of blending. Finish by setting with a light dusting of loose powder (my favorite setting powder for my oily skin is MAC skin mineralize finish)

Below is a link of faces that would give you a better idea as to where you stand in terms of your foundation color. Hope this helps ladies!


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