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How To Enjoy Swimming Without Damaging Your Hair

How To Enjoy Swimming Without Damaging Your Hair

We see it all the time, a pool party, with NO SISTAS in the pool. And if they are, they are only waist deep. However, with temperatures reaching the high 90’s, full body emersion is definitely desired. As much as our bodies may love it, that salt and chlorine from pools and even open bodies of water do a number on our hair. Here are a few tips to protect your hair from such chemicals.

* Before hopping in, saturate your hair with clean water and a little conditioner. By doing that your hair is less likely to absorb the chlorinated/salt water. For added protection, seal your hair with natural oil like jojoba or coconut oil. These oils help seal your hair cuticles and create a barrier from the elements.

* Shampoo your hair immediately after leaving the pool or beach. Flushing your hair with clean water will help remove chemicals from the hair. Try not to shampoo prior to taking a dip, as shampoo will strip your hair of dirt and oils, which will create a natural barrier to chemicals.

* And for my daring ladies, rock a cap! Retro swimsuits are making a comeback, with caps to match! Whether you are using the pool for athletic purposes or to simply cool off, and everything in between, a good insulated cap will definitely help keep your hair dry underneath the waves


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