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How to Apply Foundation Properly

How to Apply Foundation Properly

Start with cleansed, moisturized skin.
Before applying any make up to your face, ensure that your skin is clean and you have applied a good moisturizer.

Choose a moisturizer designed for your skin type and ideally one that has a SPF built into it. Pat the moisturizer in gently and wait at least five minutes for it to be absorbed into your skin.

Know the correct tools. This is a key for the proper brush to use for your makeup. You may do full on coverage or just contour a feature you would like to alter with makeup.

Choose a foundation that is designed for your skin type and tone. A good foundation product and application can make a world of difference to your appearance.

Apply your foundation. Dot the foundation over your face, concentrating it in the center of where the most coverage is required. Gently blend in with your finger tips to get even coverage. Never rub the foundation into your skin because the oil off your hand will ruin it.

Stay tuned for next week on how to apply concealer and contour your face. #TransformationTuesdays

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