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How Reality Star Princess Love Dropped 40 Pounds

How Reality Star Princess Love Dropped 40 Pounds

When you dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle the transformation is phenomenal. Learn the simple changes Princess Love made that resulted in 40 pounds of weight loss in 7 months

This week’s #wcw goes to the beautiful Princess Love. We all know her as one of the leading ladies from the hit reality show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, but these days she is adding the title of “wife” to her resume. She recently married her longtime flame Ray J. While engaged she adopted a new healthy lifestyle that lead to a 40-pound transformation.

Princess went from a whopping 163lbs to 123lbs in 7 months. Love took to social media to discuss her weight loss stating that she has a vegan diet regimen and eliminated alcohol consumption all together. She also stepped up her workout game with her new eating habits. Before the weight loss Princess confessed that she was eating junk food and drinking alcohol every day and once she cut that out she was not only happier, but she started seeing major results in her body. Princess’s new figure is the very definition of body goals.


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