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How Olympian Gabby Douglas Stays Fit

How Olympian Gabby Douglas Stays Fit

Have you heard about the healthy lifestyle the young, Black Olympian, Gabby Douglas lives? Not only does she stay fit because she’s an athlete, but it’s important for her daily lifestyle!

The key is that it all takes time, patience, and energy. Douglas says, “Before we start, we do a warm up for about like five minutes. We do arm circles and head movements, and wrist movements,” if you want to go a little harder, Gabby says she does “100 crunches and 25 split jumps on each leg, etc”. Well, isn’t that something you can do yourself? Yes indeed, try it!

Always have in mind that working out, anywhere, anytime, and trying your best to maintain good health, is a priority and doesn’t have to be a hard workout.  Believe it or not, little exercises such as what Douglas does can benefit you in every such way! Don’t think of trying to stay healthy as being anything but fun! As a reminder, exercising is recognizing. Looking forward to learning more about her fit lifestyle?



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