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How Meal Prepping is the Gateway to Transforming Your Body

Meal Prepping is Key

How Meal Prepping is the Gateway to Transforming Your Body

Why is meal prepping important?

Most people believe the key to weight loss is exercise. While exercise does play a major role in dropping those unwanted pounds, meal prepping is highly important because it will help you fight for the body you always desired.

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#Mondaymotivation Who wants me to meal prep for them? ??? Preparation is key @mawarriors. So I am taking things up a notch in the next few months to be really on point with my nutrition and training. I want to see where I can take my conditioning, performance, and my body. Prepping meals was a real challenge when I started cooking, until I began to have a rhythm. I save money, I maximize time during the week so I can be a mom, an athlete, a coach, and a wife. I’ve only focused on preparing lunch and dinner options. My snacking comes really easy during the day as I’ll have a protein smoothie @tru_supplements, and breakfast this week I’ve made it overnight oats (takes me 5 mins to prep). I’ll be posting a lot more nutrition tips and ways to make your lifestyle a bit healthier and easier. It’s about working smart, not hard! Let’s get focused! Get ready for the upcoming routines I’ll be posting at noon today…it’s going to be ? ?? #food #foodie #foodporn #ma30day #childofgod _________________________________________________ #lunesdemotivacion ¿Quién quiere que prepare la comida para esta semana? ??? La preparación es clave @mawarriors. En los próximos meses estoy enfocándome para estar realmente al día con mi nutrición y entrenamiento. Quiero ver dónde puedo tomar mi condicionamiento, rendimiento y mi cuerpo. Preparar las comidas para la semana fue un verdadero desafío cuando comencé a cocinar, hasta que comencé a tener un ritmo. Ahorro dinero, maximizo el tiempo durante la semana para poder ser madre, atleta, entrenadora y esposa. Solo me he centrado en preparar opciones para el almuerzo y la cena. Mis meriendas son muy fáciles durante el día, ya que tendré un batido de proteínas @tru_supplements, y el desayuno de esta semana es de avena que reposo durante la noche (me toma 5 minutos para prepararlo). Publicaré muchos más consejos de nutrición y formas de hacer que su estilo de vida sea un poco más saludable y fácil. Se trata de trabajar inteligentemente, ¡no duro! ¡Vamos a enfocarnos! Prepárate para las próximas rutinas que publicaré hoy al mediodía … va a ser ? ?? #salud #hijadecristo

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Here are the 3 things you should do to prepare for meal prepping:

  1. Pick a day – The reason why picking a day to meal is highly encouraged is because this would actually help you stay on track. Most people use Sundays for meal prepping. It helps people with nutrition and fitness goals start the week off strong and end with a bang. Designating a day to meal prepping is extremely important if you’re looking to earn consistent results.
  2. Pick the meals – Now that you know the day of the week you would like to meal prep – it’s time for you to pick the foods you want to incorporate. I suggest finding a protein you love to eat like chicken, turkey, and fish. I would then pick two vegetables that I could alternate with my meal such as squash, string beans, and asparagus. I recommend that you choose a vegetable that you love to eat. The last two items you need to decide is your complex carb and healthy fats. Complex carbs are sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats and brown rice. Also, healthy fats are foods like nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado.
  3. Purchase meal prep containers – Getting meal prep containers will make your life so much easier. I recommend purchasing 15 meal prep containers – 3 containers each day over the course of 5 days. After cooking in bulk, you can evenly place your food items in each container for the week. This will help you stay organized and motivated.

If you need help with brainstorming healthy food ideas, go to our Eat Healthy section!

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