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How Zendaya Coleman Stays Healthy

How Zendaya Coleman Stays Healthy

Have you ever wondered how so many celebrities stay fit and healthy while living such busy lives? Well, the big secret isn’t as complicated as you think. For most of them, including our #wcw for this week, it all comes down to eating habits. And for Zendaya Coleman, unique snacks and meals are how she sticks with it.

I know what you’re thinking, good eating habits sounds so boring. In a world full of fast food restaurants and endless FB videos of cheesy, carb heavy food, to try to eat well isn’t exactly a walk in the park. And if you just so happen to be a celebrity like our favorite magical black girl, Zendaya Coleman, Disney Channel Star turned Woke Teen celebrity, a crazy schedule, red carpet events, and constant travel doesn’t make things any easier.

So what do you do, whether you’re Zendaya or just a regular everyday woman? You switch up your boring meals with something unique. Zendaya’s favorite recipe for summer is her ‘Summer Rice Salad‘ recipe and is a season must-have. Indeed, it is one of the many healthy and enjoyable snacks you can munch on, that tastes good and is good for you!

Eating well doesn’t have to be difficult but it is a choice you have to make. Zendaya chooses to live as a healthy African American woman and actually enjoys the food she eats.

A healthy lifestyle will not only improve your quality of life, but research also suggests that those who eat a wide variety of nutritious foods enjoy living a longer life. Zendaya Coleman shows the world that you can still enjoy a tasty snack and do it in a healthy way!


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