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How Cheap Makeup Effects Your Skin

How Cheap Makeup Effects Your Skin

Being budget conscious should definitely not take a toll over the largest organ of your body….THE SKIN. You can be real particular about not eating something which can harm your body directly or indirectly but, the same degree of caution may be missed while using make up.

The Chemicals used in make-up can pose adverse health effects which can be matched with those caused by pesticides in food. The love and attraction for grooming can make you tempted to purchase cheap make up cosmetics, even if you don’t intend to use them daily or frequently. If you want to explore cheap make up, better do a bit of research before trying it out.

You can manage to grab some discounts provided by good brands; but you may not be fortunate always and cheaper make up seems to be the other preferred option. Cheap essentially does not mean lacking quality or originality it’s all about the ingredients.

Beauty products and make up can pose health risks given the fact that only a small percentage of ingredients (11%) have the approval from FDA for safety. Some Medical journalists suggest that a few substances used in cosmetics (make up) may affect hormone function which is not ideal; especially for our teenagers.  One of my favorite inexpensive make up is NYX cosmetics, so if you have to go the cheaper route try NYX Brand. 


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