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From Holistic Educator to Businesswoman: Ava is Giving Us All the Remedies When it Comes to Natural Healing

From Holistic Educator to Businesswoman: Ava is Giving Us All the Remedies When it Comes to Natural Healing

Every Wednesday, we acknowledge an upstanding and phenomenal remodel in our BGH partnership community, and this week it is no different. The partner spotlight for this week’s article, we focus on Ava Adames, who is a wellness coach, holistic educator, and businesswoman. Ava became a certified health and wellness professional. Ava has been in the industry for twenty years. Her journey started as an undergraduate student majoring in business administration, but her love for fitness and holistic healing conquered all. Ava earned her master’s in Exercise Science with a Corporate Wellness concentration at the California University of Pennsylvania. Ava soon learned that she wanted to work holistically with the community, providing alternatives to traditional medicine for people to support themselves in a natural way of healing. She then decided to develop her own company, Violets In Bloom. She provides a variety of services that include Pilates, yoga, meditation, and natural healing methods such as energy-enhancing crystal stones and other jewelry. Ava believes in offering energetic, spiritual support through the teachings of Reiki, a healing-based technique that restores the physical and emotional well-being of a person.

Adames’s role in corporate health promotion brings awareness to help individuals and groups obtain their health and wellness goals. Being in the corporate setting allows Ava to utilize her resources and knowledge in business. Where she can network and build partnerships to help expand her company. She has partnered and worked extensively for several companies such as the Veterans Administration, Cigna Health, Vanguard, and now Ava can add Black Girl Health to her list of partnerships.

Adames believes she offers something for the mind, body, and spirit (different modalities) all in one in her comfortable and sacred studio boutique. Ava’s hard work, dedication, and passion for health make her a thriving and notable success in her community, and her clientele believes so too!

“I liked how you encouraged us to use our intuition and senses to experience and feel what the crystals reflect us. I liked learning about color theory and cards. I appreciated how you listened to each one of us when we were speaking, said our name, and validated us.” ~Jessica M

Adames plans on expanding her business into a multi-dimensional facility. She plans on organizing retreats. These retreats will provide different teaching skills when it comes to eastern methods of healing. Ava plans on expanding the quality of products in her boutique by providing an abundance of items for spiritual healing. Ava is determined to be a part of the driving success of the corporate health setting for businesses. She believes that she can offer their employees more holistic healing techniques like reiki services or meditation.

BGH is honored and thrilled to form a new partnership with Ava Adames and her Violets In Bloom Boutique. Are you inspired by women just like Ava? Then, become a part of the sisterhood by joining Black Girl Health.

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