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HIV Home Testing Kits | HIV Awareness

HIV Home Testing Kits | HIV Awareness

Medical technology is advancing almost as quickly as technology like that of the iPhone or Android, and let’s be real for a second, anything that makes doctor visits easier/faster/better is always a win. Well one of those advances is the HIV home-test kits. An HIV home test kit can be bought from almost anywhere, places like Walgreens have them and so does amazon. A home test kit can be as cheap as $20 and is a great solution for those of us who have trouble getting to a doctor, or other places that test for HIV. (Learn how to find options for testing centers near you here). Lots of people (including myself) are not even aware that these tests exist, and this is a big deal considering most of us are buying things online these days anyway. Today I’m going to go over the different types of home testing kits, so that when you decided to buy one, you can know a little bit about what you are getting.

Types of tests:

There are different versions of the HIV home test kits, so make sure (especially) if you are buying it online) that it is FDA approved. There are two (2) different types of tests that you can buy to conduct your home HIV test:

Home Collection Kits

With this test type you would have to prick your finger to draw a small amount of your own blood. You would then be have to send this blood sample to a diagnostics center for them to examine and run tests.

Pros and cons:

  • Pro: You can trust accuracy of your results more because it is determined by professionals not you
  • Pro: Blood tests are more reliable, than saliva
  • Con: you don’t find out right away your results
  • Con: you still have to leave your house to send your sample.
  • Con: Blood from an at home test sample can not find infection as fast as blood from directly from the vein (Like during a doctor’s visit for example)

You can buy an FDA approved Home access HIV-1 Testing system here from amazon

Rapid Response Kit

With this test type you would have to swap your mouth to collect saliva. The kit also comes with everything you need to actually test your sample as well. This allows you to get rapid results within 20 minutes or so.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: You can get your results right away with this home test type
  • Pro: You do not have to leave your house to complete the testing
  • Con: There is more of a chance of false negative/positive with saliva testing
  • Con: Accuracy could be off because of mistakes/contamination during home testing
  • Con: Saliva testing can not find infection as fast as a blood test can

You can buy an FDA approved Oraquick In-Home HIV test here from amazon.

So those are the different home HIV test types. As noted earlier you can purchase these online from amazon here, or at a store like Walgreens in your local area. I hope that this information was helpful, when it comes to HIV knowledge is power, and the ultimate knowledge is knowing your status.You can get more information on HIV/AIDS from the U.S. National Library of Medicine here at their MedlinePlus website

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