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HIV Awareness| How do I tell My Partner I’m HIV Positive

HIV Awareness| How do I tell My Partner I’m HIV Positive

In life sometimes we may end up in situations that merit a lot of bravery, and although it can be tough, in a lot of cases the toughest choice is almost always the most moral. Well that is the same rule that will apply here. Telling someone, especially your partner, that you have HIV is a very scary thing to have to do for many. Whether you just found out, or you found out a long time ago, there will come a time where you may have to tell your partner about your positive HIV status.

When you’re discussing your HIV status It will be tough to decide who to tell, what to tell, and when to tell them. All of the answers to these questions will need to be made personally by you, and the time you are ready. Do keep in mind (when you’re your deciding the timing of this talk) that there are state regulations and laws in some areas that dictate  how long you can wait before you have this conversation. Once you’ve made those decisions, here are 3 tips to make that discussion a little easier.

Keep it as direct, brief, and simple as possible

Decide early on how much detail you want to divulge. Every detail may not be necessary for the first conversation. Your current status is whats most important, its okay if there are other aspects of your life or sexual history that you aren’t fully healed from or that the memories of which are still painful. Sharing these other parts of you is great but if you rent ready, then don’t.

Don’t joke, or make it seems like a joke

I know that sometimes joking about something can make it easier to talk about. As much as you may want to lighten up the mood with some “jokes” don’t. At Least until the conversation about your status is over. You don’t want your partner walking away from this chat thinking you were just curious. Also, don’t say your just kidding if they react negatively, let them process this information and if they continue to be negative, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions

If you’re feeling emotional while you’re talking then, let it out. Express yourself. If your partner is “the one” for you then you should be able to fully express yourself if need be. If the thought of becoming emotional in front of your partner bother you, then practice in the mirror alone a few times. If it’s painful to talk about, it will become less painful the more you talk about it, even if you’re the only one listening.

So those are my top three tips for talking to your partner about your HIV status. Check out my blog post here if you want more information about finding a test center near you, and You can get more information on HIV/AIDS from the U.S. National Library of Medicine here at their MedlinePlus website.

Live your best life sis!



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