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The Hidden Message Behind Beyonce and Jay-Z New Music Video


The Hidden Message Behind Beyonce and Jay-Z New Music Video

Queen Bey has a message for us!

As we all know Beyonce is the queen of music because of her vocal performances and creativity. Recently, Beyonce and her husband released a joint album called “EVERYTHING IS LOVE”. The first hit single they released was APES**T and the music video that was filmed in the Louvre Museum, which shocked the whole world. In the music video, Beyonce and Jay-z were standing in front of numerous historical paintings and sculptures. I know you might just see her music video as entertaining, but if you look closely there are hidden messages behind the scenes.


The hidden messages in the power couple’s video:

  1. In her video, there was a portrait of a black women wearing a cultural head wrap as a symbol of beauty. Beyonce intimidated the cultural head wrap throughout her music video with herself and her dancers.
  2. In this scene, Beyonce was dancing as Nike the Greek goddess victory to signify that throughout the many years of her career she made it and that all her hard work has paid off.

  3. The simplistic lyrics of the song solely identify with the black community. The fact that Beyonce represented black culture within this historical museum (Louvre) speaks volume. As a black community, she reminds us that we all have made history in some capacity through the hardships of our ancestors.  I can’t believe we made it (this is what we made, made)This is what we’re thankful for (this is what we thank, thank)

    I can’t believe we made it (this a different angle)

    Have you ever seen the crowd goin’ apeshit? Rah!

The Carters did it, again!

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By Nyah Scott

Farah Green
Farah Green
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