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Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Only 10 days away until the popular holiday of Halloween. Trying to be healthy during these fall and winter months can be extremely difficult as it seems as though there are holidays back to backfilled with delicious food and treats, but most of it is not the most healthy. Even if you have never officially celebrated Halloween, it is easy to figure out that candy is a huge part of this holiday tradition.  From children trick-or-treating, candy in offices and even the sales in the candy aisle, it seems as though October is filled with candy.

We are not going to say ALL candy is bad, because it is not and anything in moderation is okay, but it is important to first recognize the importance of moderation.  Every packaged food item comes with a food label attached which lists out the serving sizes that are contained. If you find yourself craving some chocolate or sour treat, we are not going to condemn you because let’s face it – we all do.  BUT it is key to remember that if you do choose to indulge in the 31st you do not overeat, or binge eats but pay attention to the serving sizes and STICK TO THEM.

(I know it is easier said than done).

Now if you want to take the high road and avoid the sugar altogether, here are some candy alternatives:

  • If you are craving a chocolate and peanut butter combination. Simply go for the real thing. Eating your favorite nut (or legume) with real pure chocolate, dark chocolate preferably, but pick what you prefer and munch on that and it’ll cure your chocolate & peanut butter craving.
  • Want something gummy? Try all-natural fruit leather. Make sure it is made from 100% fruit with little to no additives.  Annie’s Homegrown also offers a wide variety of organic fruit snacks if you want to go for a more nostalgic feel.
  • Freezing fruit is another great alternative. My favorite: frozen grapes make for a delightful treat.  Sweet grapes with an added chill are a perfect snack when you are craving something fruity.
  • Be careful when choosing dried fruit because some brands have way too much added sugar, but simply look at the food label and choose your favorite fruit with the least amount of sugar.


However, you choose to spend your Halloween, be careful not to overindulge in the candy. Although you make it through October 31st, still be careful when the candy goes on sale.  Be strong, I know you can make it through the aisle.


Happy Snacking!

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Monet Gilmore
Monet Gilmore

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