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Get Your Glutes Right Just In Time for Summer


Get Your Glutes Right Just In Time for Summer

Summer is Coming

Ladies, summer is less than 50 days away, so you know what that means, we have to start working towards our summer bodies. If you’re hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, you can’t forget about toning your glutes. Doing cardio alone won’t help you shape your lower body, but if you add strength training to your workouts, you’ll be able to tone your lower body fast.

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LOWER BODY WORKOUT PART 2! SWIPEY SWIPE FOR VIDS ➡️ Booty focused workout with minimal equipment! All you need for this workout is some dumbbells and an aerobic step box you are away! This workout can be done at home or in the gym so no excuses guys. If you pair this workout with my previous booty focused workout your booty will be fiyahhh ??! My booty was literally hurting for days! Thank me later ?! Tag your workout partner and try these exercises together for that extra added motivation…..let's go get it???? Workout: •Box squat and pop jumps •DB box curtsy lunges •Side to side box squats All exercises perform 10 reps x 5/6 sets. Give this a go on your next booty focused day ??! Let’s go get it! Song ?- My 9ine- Kojo funds @gainzvillle @afrogirlfitness @girls_workout_videos @fitdailygram @home.exercises @womenworkoutvideos

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Here’s a lower body workout that will help shape your glutes:

  1. Box squat and pop up jumps
  2. Dumbbell Box curtsy lunges 
  3. Side to Side Box Squats 

Note: Repeat 5-6x and 10 reps each!

Key Takeaway

You have less than 50 days to get your body right for summer. Let’s get it!

Farah Green
Farah Green
Web Content Manager

As a body activist, speaker and exercise nutrition coach, Farah is on a mission to break the generational curse of chronic disease among women of color and help them embrace their bodies by helping them build more self-love and confidence. She has helped hundreds of women create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. As the web content manager for BGH, Farah will share various health and wellness tips that will help every woman improve their quality of life through health, wellness, and nutrition. Farah and the web content team is dedicated to educating women on how to best take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is to help you make your health more of a priority.

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