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Get Glowing Radiant Skin With Lemon Water

Get Glowing Radiant Skin With Lemon Water

What’s the first thing that people see, your skin!  And with all the stress that comes with life, your skin seems to be effected the most, at least for many of us. Ladies, I don’t care how much make-up you have on, but if you have rough and flaky skin, a pound of foundation will not create a MIRACLE.

In my experience skin that’s dehydrated makes your face look dull, rough, and just unflattering to the naked eye, and it shows even under your make-up. SO WHAT’S THE ANSWER? Well the natural approach, I feel will have a magical outcome over time is LEMON WATER. Fresh lemon juice is abundant in natural electrolytes, which helps boost hydration, and is great for your skin.  Drinking lemon water on regular bases has made my skin plumper and brighter. This skin regimen is good for all throughout the day, but I love to drink my lemon water in morning to help start my day.  Instructions are simple, squeeze 1 whole fresh lemon in a cup of warm water.  The warm water, helps flush out the liver. Enjoy!!

Click on the link to see more benefits to drinking fresh warm lemon water.

In addition to a natural approach to hydrating skin, I like to put M.A.C’s charge water skin hydrating mist on, under my makeup. The mist is a fusion of mineralize charged water and pure diamond powder mixed together. I love this product, I give it a 4.6 out of 5 stars. I use it on me and my clients. It instantly hydrates, energizes and revitalizes the skin while adding radiance it also keeps your skin soft and supple with a  refreshing green tea and citrus fragrance.  You can wear this product with or without make up and you can also you as a make-up finisher.  So remember ladies caking makeup on is not going to hide bad skin,  but if you take care of your skin, make-up can help intensify your glow.


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