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Get A Trendy New Look With Hair Chalk

Get A Trendy New Look With Hair Chalk

Yes, school is back in session (we know all the moms are still doing the nae’nae’ to it), but chalk isn’t being used just for teachers. Stylist around the globe are now endorsing “hair chalk.” Ever wonder how so many celebs are changing colors and hues, and still having their own hair the next day?

Even the best stylist couldn’t counteract everyday bleaching. Instead, stylists are using the temporary coloring of “hair chalk” that is made specifically for coloring hair. All you need is the desired color chalk, a water bottle and a flatiron or blow dryer to seal in the color. Mind you this is temporary color, so depending on the porosity of your hair (color treated hair is more porous) this may last during a couple shampoos.

I would strongly suggest sleeping on an old pillow case, and definitely wrapping your hair up at night to prevent the color from bleeding onto your pillow cases and sheets. So, if you and even your weave want to be Nicki Minaj Pink on Friday or “Hair at The Square Blue, (which is my hair shop) on Saturday, you can do that without the commitment or fear that your tresses will end up in the sink.

Side Note: If you’re interested in testing out the hair chalk on your hair, come to Hair at the Square, Location: 3 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA


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