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Gel Nails

Gel Nails

Before you go running to the salon for a quick fix, ladies we need to have a little chat… about gel nails.

Yes that are a quick solution to nails that won’t grow, paint chipping, they last a long time, and are a refreshing break from DIYN (Do It Yourself Nails). Like all good things, gel nails are good in moderation. Let me stress again… moderation!

With back-to-back and frequent use of gels nails, your natural nails are suffering! They are becoming more brittle and weak to the point where you won’t have very much of a nail to apply gel too. Not to mention the increased risks for skin cancer with frequent use of the UV curers. (UV related cancer, basal cell carcinoma) The chemical used to remove the gel is acetone. Acetone thins the nails and is very irritating and drying to the cuticle. Think peeling the paint off is going to work? Not so fast girlie, this technique actually peels off a layer of your nail.

Instead of weekly gel use, try a nail strengthener like my “go-to” base and top coat Nail Tek “Intensive Therapy II”. Try for two weeks without color. Apply two coats to nails and let dry. Remove the polish after one week and reapply (whether chipped or not). The key to healthy nails is weekly paint, buffing and cuticle maintenance.


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