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How to Gain the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Body goals by Victoria

How to Gain the Body You’ve Always Wanted

I’m sure we all love hearing advice from health and wellness coaches about body goals and healthy eating habits. But, listening to a person that was once in your shoes gives you a different type of motivation. So, I decided to interview, Victoria, a teacher and former cheerleader that worked diligently for the body she once had. 

Q: Prior to reaching your body goals, explain the state of your health?

A: After graduating from college, I gained 25 pounds. As a teacher, I would drink soda and eat white cheddar popcorn almost every day. After a long day of running behind kids, I was exhausted after work. I felt lazy, sluggish, and I knew I wasn’t myself.

Growing up as a cheerleader, I was always in shape. But, as a result of my poor diet, I could no longer run a mile. On top of that, I have hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when your blood sugar drops significantly low. I would eat unhealthy foods to regulate my blood sugar, but I still continued to gain weight. I became depressed and an emotional eater. So, I knew something had to change.

Q: What was your “time is now” moment?  

A: I remember waking up one morning, getting dressed for church, and I didn’t like what saw in the mirror. While walking to church, I started speaking to the lord and said to him – I need help. I can’t do it by myself. I know it’s expensive, but I need help.

When I arrived at the church, I looked and Regan Hales was standing at the entrance. Regan Hales is a fitness trainer and nutrition specialist based in Atlanta, GA. At that moment, God answered my prayers.

Q: How did Regan help you accomplish your goal?  

A: She was consistent. She was my accountability partner. I knew I couldn’t let her down, but most importantly, I couldn’t let myself down. She also taught me how to workout correctly. She corrected my form, posture, and showed me the importance of technique while exercising. Lastly, she taught me how to eat in moderation because I couldn’t go cold turkey. I had to slowly cut out certain foods and substitute various foods. There was no rush throughout my fitness journey, I knew this was going to be a process and a lifestyle change.

Body goals by Victoria

Age: 30

Heaviest Weight: 133 pounds

Current Weight: 126 pounds

Height: 5’2


Q: What was your biggest challenge through your journey?

A: My biggest challenge during the process was watching my calorie intake. I crave things, I love to eat, and I’m a foodie by nature. For example, if I wanted pizza, I would go home and cook whole wheat pasta. Sometimes the food I crave is dependent upon my mood, but I’ve learned to become strong enough to fight the urge.

Q: What was your greatest success during your journey?

A: My greatest success was watching my muscles develop, my abs form, and dropping inches every month. Rather than having the scale determine my progress, I measured my success solely on pictures. Watching my body slim down and watching the growth of my muscles is an amazing feeling. That’s what I’m most proud of!   

Q: How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?

A: I know this is a lifelong commitment. I am now consistent with my workouts, eating healthy (finding alternatives for foods that I love is a must), and checking my mindset. I make sure to hold myself accountable and not indulge too much in food. I continue to remind myself that I’ve come along way and I don’t want to move backward. I now announce myself as the new, Victoria.

Q: What’s some advice you can give to people that are starting their fitness journey?

A: Finding an accountability partner is key. Make sure that person is serious and will help track your progress. Also, focus on the visual aspect of your body goal. Don’t just focus on the scale. Pay attention to the muscle you’re building and your measurements.

Be consistent and stay committed. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t try to do everything in a day, and remember to trust your process.


Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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