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From Financial Loss to a Monetary Boss, Ericka Neville is Proving that Women Can Do it All

From Financial Loss to a Monetary Boss, Ericka Neville is Proving that Women Can Do it All

Financial hardship is a commonality amongst many Americans. Even though the U.S. is notable for having a boosting economy and an abundance of job opportunities, we are still the number one country with the highest rate of homeless individuals, families seeking monetary support, and people living in poverty. Many Americans face harsh realities when it comes to economic loss and burdens. Unfortunately, it is more present in the African American community. Financial literacy is not a language or a lifestyle that is taught too many, especially in our community. Today, one woman teaches us that with planning and having a solid foundation, anyone can overcome financial barriers.

This week’s partner spotlight, we focus on Erika Neville, a Licensed Financial Coach & Advisor. Ericka is an award-winning financial coach and advisor who has worked with clients who have invested over 250,000 dollars. She is not only the co-creator of The Millionaire’s Mindset Dream Big Summit but also the creator of The Coach Connection, a platform given to coaches to inform, educate, and entertain. In the beginning, life was not always easy-going for Neville. In the year of 1998, sudden loss fell upon Ericka and her young son, when his father died and not allowing them to have adequate savings or having life insurance. Luckily, due to social security survivors’ benefit, she was able to keep things afloat, but other financial burdens still weighed heavily on Neville; those burdens eventually forced her to file for bankruptcy. It became clear to Neville that she wanted to improve her economic situation by becoming more affluent through investments and preserving her money. Eventually, Erika was able to improve her financial stability and relieve herself of debt. Her experiences allow her to help women who are similar predicaments. Erika believes that her business, “The Money Coach” Neville- Primerica is different from the majority because of the advice and support she gives to professional women that do not have the right tactics in place when preserving or investing their finances.

Here’s what some of her customers say about her: “She is a caring and educated individual in the areas of health & wealth promotion. Her passion is to empower others not only with her words but with her actions”.

Even with financial problems, Erika was able to overcome more challenging health changes in her life. When her son was ten years of age, Neville underwent surgery to remove part of her thyroid. Erika was quite hesitant to undergo full anesthesia to have this operation due to her son being so young and his father passing a few years prior. Her concern was leaving her child behind not because of a financial strain, but her son not having emotional support. Neville has had a negative experience with health issues because of financial stress. She wants to bring awareness to black women concerning health issues affecting our community. Health issues that include migraines, anxiety, sleep problems, heart disease, and more. Erika wants people to acknowledge these issues and find strategies to manage or prevent stress. Neville believes that her services can improve the health and quality of life for black women by helping them alleviate stress due to financial burdens and give them the ability to be self-confident. Because of her past experiences when it comes to relying on the security of a male partner, Erika believes that women should be financially secure as individuals. She wants to provide women with an abundance of resources at her agency so they can succeed and gain independence.

Soon, Erika has plans on expanding her coaching agency by having female coaches and advisors dominating the tri-state area. Currently, in the U.S., there is only 15-20% of financial advisors that are women. Erika’s goal is to change this narrative by imploring women to influence the field by becoming financial expertise. Her goal is to educate, enthuse, and empower women to have financial control and stability. She believes that women should be more comfortable with making investment decisions.

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