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From Being Injured to Becoming A Physical Fitness Instructor, Razz Sharpless Defies all Odds

From Being Injured to Becoming A Physical Fitness Instructor, Razz Sharpless Defies all Odds

In this week’s partner spotlight, we are acknowledging a driven individual who conquered her fitness goal, after a horrific injury. In 2014, Razz Sharpless experienced a devastating fall that caused her to break her tibia and fibula, shatter her ankle, and tear most of the tendons in that area. For eight months, she needed assistance to complete everyday tasks. Through hard work and physical therapy, she was able to regain her strength. 

After experiencing her traumatic fall, Razz decided to attend different fitness classes to continue with her wellness journey. However, her previous injuries prevented her from performing the way she wanted to in class.

Though she was embarrassed by her limitations, Sharpless was still feeling motivated to put her health and physical fitness at the forefront. She spent so much time trying to find different fitness instructors, personal trainers, and workout classes to meet her needs but never found the right fit.   

Finally, she decided to create her organization inspiring women to commit to their fitness, AdventHER Body. Her business offers online fitness classes that include HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Deep Stretch, and personal training. Razz wanted to take a recreational approach to help women have fun while changing their lifestyle. AdventHER Body offers unique classes like guided state park hikes and Intro to Rock Climbing. 

Sharpless believes that her classes are accessible to any human being regardless of shape, size, or budget! Anyone can take part in this fitness journey. Razz understands that black women come in all different forms and does not believe in traditional eurocentric beauty and wellness standards. She wants to support all black women in their fitness journey by being a force of motivation.

Here is what some of her clients say about her: 

“I have been working with Razz for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results that I am seeing. Razz is always encouraging us and challenging us to push a little harder. Razz always mixes up her workouts and I always look forward to each session. I can see changes in my muscle definition and strength. Razz is helping me become a stronger and more confident person. I would recommend Razz if you are serious about changing your body.” -Rachel

Are you interested in putting your best foot forward and achieving your fitness goals? It’s time for you to take back control by joining Razz Sharpless’s AdventHER Body programs! 

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