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From a Registered Nurse to a Community Health Practitioner, Dr. Latora Grant Scott is Pursing all Realms of Healthcare

From a Registered Nurse to a Community Health Practitioner, Dr. Latora Grant Scott is Pursing all Realms of Healthcare

It’s another beautiful Wednesday and we are proud to announce our second partner this month, Latora Grant Scott. Latora, as a holistic wellness practitioner where she provides her clients with wellness education and alternatives forms of healthcare rather than traditional western approaches when it comes to “sickness management. Scott created her business, The Nurse Doc is Zen ™ an affiliate of ECLISPE Health Consultants, LLC to provide her community with natural and therapeutic ways to alleviate pain and other debilitating health conditions, like chronic conditions such as hypertension, joint pain, and carpal tunnel, etc.

Dr. Latora Grant Scott has over 26 years of Nursing experience, she received her undergraduate degree in Nursing from Grambling State University back in 1994. Latora eventually found her passion, in healthcare and improving the lives of others. She knew she was not finished with her educational journey, so she decided to earn her Ph.D. in Public Health, where she specialized in Community Education and Health Promotion from Walden University in 2012. She believed in empowering others to reach their optimal health and emotional wellbeing. Dr. Grant is also an experienced international Nurse Speaker, she shares her knowledge as well as promoting different areas of her clinical expertise when working as a Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension content expert and contracting with Actelion and Gilead Pharmaceuticals.

It’s understood that her hard work and dedication propelled her to influence the importance of health education in her community. Latora believes that her business can help other black women by teaching the self-care technique and rituals in their everyday busy lifestyle. In the next two years, Dr. Grant hopes to launch a wellness blog and create video content that can be purchased for clients to utilize as a supplemental resource to their wellness journey. Over the years, many could agree that Dr. Latora Scott Grant offers exceptional services at her facility and her customers could agree.

Here’s what some of her customers say about her: Recently a client, who has a kidney transplant, shared with her transplant specialist that she was working with me. She stated that he wrote in her chart that she should “continue working with her nurse yoga educator” because her blood pressure is the best that it has ever been.

The BGH community is excited about our new partnership with Dr. Latora Grant Scott and we cannot wait to see what else her business has to offer. Are you inspired by all the women we spotlight every week and want to be apart of the BGH community, then go to our website to become a member.


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